Writing Research Papers: A Complete Guide, 16th edition

  • James D. Lester


Writing Research Papers celebrates 50 years of delivering current, detailed guidance on academic research, writing and documentation. You'll learn how to tackle issues of source credibility and usefulness of online research, electronic publishing, and new documentation formats.

Table of contents

1. Writing from Research

2. Finding a Topic

3. Organizing Ideas and Setting Goals

4. Gathering Sources Online

5. Gathering Sources in the Library

6. Conducting Field Research

7. Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism

8. Reading and Evaluating Sources

9. Writing Effective Notes and Creating Outlines

10. Drafting the Paper in an Academic Style

11. Blending Reference Material into Your Writing

12. Writing the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

13. Revising, Proofreading, and Formatting the Rough Draft

14. Works Cited: MLA Style

15. Writing in APA Style

16. The Footnote System: CMS Style

17. CSE Style for the Natural and Applied Sciences

18. Creating Electronic and Multimedia Research Projects

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