Writing Well, Longman Classics Edition, 9th edition

  • Donald Hall
  • Sven P. Birkerts

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Co-authored by two esteemed writers, Writing Well, is a beautifully-written and thoroughly readable guide to the craft of writing prose. 

Table of contents



1. Introduction: Writing, And Writing Well. 
    Writing to Make Contact.

    The Idea of an Audience.

    Honest and Dishonest Expression.


    Examining the Words.

    Revising the Map.

    Themes and Revisions.

    Examples from Print.

    Disorganized Writing, Pompous Writing.

    Learning to Write Well.


2. Reading, And Reading Well. 
    The Reading Process.

    Reading Is Writing and Writing Is Reading.

    Philosophies and Politics.

    Reading Tone.

    Chaos or Consensus?

    Reading in the Information Age.

    Reading as Rereading.

    Put the Blame on Blame.

    Active and Passive Readers.

    Close Reading.

    Practice in Response.

    Sight Reading.


3. Writing An Essay. 
    Getting Ideas for Papers.

    Writing the Draft.

    Biography of a Theme.


4. Words. 
    The Smallest Unit.

    The Insides of Words.








    Original Words: Comparisons.


5. Sentences. 
    Style and the Sentence.

    Parts of Sentences.

    Types of Sentences.


    Clarity, Coherence, Unity.

    Revising Sentences I.


    Revising Sentences II.


    Variety and Unity.


6. Paragraphs. 
    Uses of Paragraphs.

    Paragraphs as Signs for Readers.

    Purpose and the Paragraph.

    Unity in the Paragraph.

    Coherence in the Paragraph.


    Development in the Paragraph.

    The Order of Paragraphs.

    Revising Paragraphs.


7. Argument And Persuasion. 

    Advancing Our Position.

    Uses for Argument.

    Audience in Argument and Persuasion.

    Reasonableness in Argument.

    Time for the Opposition.

    The Order of Argument.

    Logic and Emotionalism.

    Style in Argument.

    Common Fallacies in Thinking.

    Looking for an Argument: Process.


8. Writing Research. 
    Using the Library.

    On-Line Research.


    A Sample Research Project.

9. A Brief Review Of Grammar, Punctuation, And Mechanics. 
    Make Whole, Clear Sentences.


    Match the Parts of Sentences That Need Matching.


    Connect Modifiers with What They Modify.


    Keep the Sentence Consistent.


    Keep Punctuation Clear.


    Keep Mechanics Conventional.


A Glossary of Usage and Grammatical Terms.


Author and Title Index.

Subject Index.

Some Common Revision Symbols.

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