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  • Highlights of the week ending 4 December 2020

    Gavin Williamson made his long-awaited announcement of the arrangements for exams in England in summer 2021. In an interview on Radio 4’s Today programme, he was unequivocal in his message that exams would take place. To support students and to make exams as fair as possible, a package of exceptional measures has been announced. Although welcomed by many, there are those who questioning whether it goes far enough in addressing lost teaching and learning. 

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  • Highlights of the week ending 20 November 2020

    In one respect, this week is the calm before the storm as we await the Chancellor’s Spending Review. We’ve had a preview of things to come as speculation suggests a public sector pay freeze (NHS exempt) is on the way. Unions have shared their displeasure.

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  • Highlights of the week ending 6 November

    Policy Eye

    As many parts of society entered lockdown once again, schools, colleges and universities remained open, and will be following new government guidance including mandatory face masks in secondary schools.

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