Policy Tracker - Keeping track of what happened in the world of education in February 2015

It’s been a month which has seen education power up the agenda as this month’s listing shows.

Key headlines from the month

  • Baseline assessments. DfE lists approved providers
  • Primary assessment. DfE launches new commission to review best practice
  • Class sizes. Labour pledges to restrict to 30 for 5,6,7 yr olds
  • School places. DfE puts in more money to cover next 3 years
  • 11 yr olds. The Education Secretary plans new benchmark standards
  • GCSEs/A levels. DfE and Ofqual publishes regs and guidance for 2016 batch
  • Science practicals. Ofqual confirms new uncoupled arrangements at A level
  • Maths. Cambridge Maths launch new manifesto to raise maths standards
  • PSHE. Education Committee calls for the subject to be beefed up
  • ALCAB. A level content advisory body stood down ‘for the time being’
  • Teacher Workloads. Debates continue about whether real issues tackled
  • Academies. The government plans to extend to schools requiring improvement 
  • School funding. The government sticks to ‘flat-cash,’ Labour and Lib-Dems plan protection
  • Inspections. Ofsted confirms shorter more frequent inspections from Sept 2015
  • Sixth Form Colleges. MPs sign up to removing the VAT burden
  • Work experience. Labour promise it for 14-16 yr olds as UKCES find it’s drying up
  • Apprenticeships. Labour pledges to create 80,000 more a year
  • Voc Quals. Ofqual announces consultation on new post QCF framework
  • FE. Further squeeze on adult skills budget signalled in latest funding letter
  • North East. Gets a new Growth Deal
  • UCAS. Gearing up to include applications to European as well as UK universities
  • HE. HEFCE publishes latest Business Plan
  • HE regulation. UUK proposes new statutory body
  • HE tuition fees. Labour confirms plans to cut fees by a third
  • HE participation. OFFA calls for faster progress on fair access at selective universities
  • Alternative HE providers. Public Accounts Committee expresses concerns about quality and costs
  • UKMoocs. Tops a million learners. 

Reports/Publications of the month (in order of publication)

Speeches of the month

  • Greg Clark’s 4 February HEFCE Annual Conference speech acknowledges how important HE is to the country and what the government is doing to support it
  • Gleny Stacey’s 4 February Association of Colleges Examining officers speech explains what changes Ofqual is making to improve the exam system including the changes to practical work
  • David Cameron’s 10 February British Chambers of Commerce speech spells out how the government has been supporting business and pledges more of the same to help growth
  • Ed Balls’ 10 February British Chambers of Commerce speech calls for a new industrial policy, a competitive tax system and reform rather than exit from the EU
  • Glenys Stacey’s 12 February speech to the Skills Summit sets out Ofqual’s approach to regulating adult voc quals and announces consultation on a new framework
  • Ed Miliband’s 16 February industrial plan speech pledges more apprenticeships as part of a range of measures to raise productivity and prosperity for all
  • Glenys Stacey’s 25 February Next Steps speech sets out progress being made in reforming GCSEs and A levels and warns against throwing it all away
  • Nick Gibb’s 25 February Reform speech sets out government thinking on primary assessment and what the government is hoping for from the current reforms.

Quotes of the month

  • “No one wants their child to go to a failing school and no one wants them to go to a coasting school either.” The Prime Minister on raising school standards
  • "I’m not saying that every Labour minister under the last administration was universally loved but…” .” Ed Miliband promises a new beginning for teachers
  • “It is worth noting that the average college has made 105 redundancies since 2009/10.” The Chief Ex of the AoC on the pressures in FE as the latest funding letter brings more bad news
  • “I would ask any incoming government to consider carefully before tinkering under the bonnet of GCSEs and A levels in the near future.” The Chief Exc of Ofqual on sticking to plan
  • “We do not believe your proposals will get close to the root cause of the workload problem. “ Teacher unions write to the Education Secretary about the workforce reforms.

Word or phrase of the month

  • 'Polyanna creep.’ To try and show things in a better light. 

Steve Besley
Head of Policy

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