MyMarketingExperience success stories

MyMarketingExperience has been successfully run at a number of universities since its launch and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin logo

Watch what lecturers and students at Trinity College Dublin thought of MyMarketingExperience. Professor Miread Brady was so impressed by the student response she recorded this video.

Oxford Brookes University

The marketing faculty at Oxford Brookes University has produced a video that shows year one marketing students using the MyMarketingExperience simulation. Feedback from lecturers and students has said that MyMarketingExperience helps students get a better understanding of marketing through direct experience and this supports and improves student outcomes and develops their marketing, team and employability skills.

University of Sheffield

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This is what second-year undergraduate students at the University of Sheffield had to say when reflecting on their experience using MyMarketingExperience.

Really enjoyed the simulation, and the weekly deadlines were much easier to manage than one big end of semester deadline. Thought it ran smoothly and fitted nicely with lecture topics.

The simulation was great and really helped with the understanding of the content as the theory was being applied as it was being taught.

I liked the simulation as it made us learn constantly throughout the semester and think in terms of real business which I find lacks everywhere else.

The marketing simulation strengthens team working and also allows students to create the overall report with much more ease.

Marketing simulation was a positive change from the usual coursework/exam.

The simulation was a good way to apply lecture material to a real life situation.

The simulation was innovative and very interesting.

Really enjoyed taking part in the simulation, interesting way of assessment.