Student acquisition

We provide the full suite of marketing services and have the capability and capacity to recruit a high volume of appropriately qualified students on behalf of our university partners.

Over the years we’ve developed and refined our approach, establishing a highly trained team who practice a low pressure and personal approach to recruitment.

Engage potential students with innovative marketing

Ask yourself, “What separates our PG programmes from our competitors’?” You may know the answer, but for many, the differences aren’t always clear.

Marketing plays an important role in generating leads and enrolling qualified students. In this landscape, you’ll need high-energy, talented marketers running sophisticated, state-of-the-art campaigns to succeed. That’s why we create all marketing to match your brand, vision and voice.

We schedule and track our campaigns and communications to ensure a steady flow of predictable, high-quality enrolments. In addition to determining and addressing the target audience, we use the following tactics when marketing to prospects:

  • CRM marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Online educational directories
  • Paid search
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media (paid & organic)
  • Content marketing

Effective marketing through research

Our most important work happens before any marketing campaign is created. Our creative team researches your brand, faculty and programme, extracting the key elements that differentiate you from your competition.

From there, we determine the exact audience segments for your offer and build a complementary message and marketing plan that enhances even the strongest brand. The process results in what we call a Marketing Discovery, and it typically yields an extraordinarily effective body of marketing materials.

You are in full control of your brand. We work collaboratively to develop bespoke marketing activity that seamlessly integrates with your existing market presence.

Student recruitment strategies that transform the recruiting experience

Student recruitment can be a time- and labour-intensive process for institutions launching an online learning programme.

Over the last two decades, we’ve developed and refined our strategy by establishing a highly trained team of recruitment specialists who take a personalized approach to attracting and retaining qualified students. Our technologies allow almost instant engagement with prospective students as well as effective and timely progress monitoring throughout student recruitment.

Enrolment Advisors

Each of our academic partners is partnered with an Enrolment Advisor who serves as the initial point of contact with potential students. Enrolment Advisors act as an extension of our academic partner’s student services team and engage prospective students in an interactive, friendly, and helpful manner to familiarise them with the school and program and help move them through the admissions process.