Waterford Institute of Technology, MyLab Math, Mastering Chemistry and Mastering Physics, Ireland

First year students from a range of science programmes share their experiences of using MyLab and Mastering to practice and test their knowledge in maths, physics and chemistry.

I get more understanding in my course, because Mastering Physics is… the combination of theory and application.

Students also gave feedback on how MyLab and Mastering has affected their course satisfaction and their confidence. They also discuss how easy they have found using MyLab and Mastering.

I feel more positive about this course through the use of Mastering Physics because it helps me understand my course better.

You will look to go back over questions, and redo the answers, and get the feedback straight back when you’re doing it. It’s very helpful.

The on-screen instructions themselves are very easy to follow, and it’s very, very easy to use.