MyAccountingLab teaching guide

We've developed this teaching guide in partnership with Carrie Rutherford, who has a PhD in Pure Maths from the University of London and is currently a maths lecturer at London South Bank University. Carrie teaches in the School of Business where she has used MyLabs for the past 8 years.

Before your course starts

Why should I use MyAccountingLab?

How does MyAccountingLab support my learning objectives?

How might I use MyAccountingLab with my students?

How can I build an assessment plan in MyAccountingLab to fit my course?

Why should I spend time organising MyAccountingLab content before the course starts?

What should I tell my students about MyAccountingLab?

During your course

What should I do if my students aren't using MyAccountingLab?

How can I use the gradebook to track progress and plan interventions?

How can automated feedback help my students to learn?

After your course ends

How do I know what difference using MyAccountingLab has made?

How do I show my head of department that the extra effort has been worthwhile?