In-person training and support for simulations

Our simulations support package includes face-to-face introductory training and set-up, end-of-year review and recommendations and ad-hoc support.

Face-to-face introductory training and set-up

Our experienced training consultants will show you how to access your simulations and use the core functionality. The training includes:

  • account set-up
  • step-by-step run-through of playing the game as a student
  • creation of game instance
  • set-up of key assets, including teams and assignments. (This requires a detailed discussion to understand how the simulation will be integrated into your course and scheduled so that assets can be properly adjusted.)
  • step-by-step instructions on how to monitor results
  • sharing best practice on integrating the simulation into your teaching to ensure that your students use it and understand how it can help them.

End-of-year review and recommendations

Our training consultants will review the results, in addition to other qualitative feedback from lecturers and students, and make recommendations for the coming year.

Ad-hoc support

You'll have phone and email access to a training consultant who can provide support and advice on best practice. User and technical support is available for students through our phone, email and live chat service, removing the need for students to look to academics for technical support.


What our customers say

The training and support given by Pearson has always been professional and prompt either by phone or email, from wherever I was in the world.

Nigel Brennan, University of Warwick, MyMarketingExperience user

The training added value to each of the module learning outcomes, which are delivered weekly.

Rahim Rashid, BPP University, MyMarketingExperience user