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  • What does a whole-school reading culture look like?

    Whole school reading culture

    ‘If I visited your school’, I often ask teachers and school librarians, ‘would I know that it’s a school that values reading… before I got to the library?’ (This assumes the library’s lively, well-stocked, welcoming, and used). ‘Would I see photographs of a recent author visit on your entrance area’s computer screen? Would I see, at child’s-eye level in the corridors, jumbled book titles, ‘children’s picks’, and author bios? Are there poems in unusual places, like the back of toilet cubicle doors?   

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  • Reading and writing for pleasure

    Do you remember reading and writing for pleasure during your school days? Perhaps your class had a cosy nook for devouring books during breaks – or maybe a teacher enthused you with the joy of making up your own stories just because. If so, you may not realise what a great springboard that was for later life.

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  • Empowering parents to support reading opens endless possibilities for children

    Parent reading to child

    When a child makes the leap from reading because their teacher tells them they must, to reading for pleasure, they have picked up a good habit for a lifetime. True, not everybody is a great reader, and we all have our own unique skills to offer the world, but anybody’s reading can improve with time and patience. This is especially true for children who have the advantage of minds that are keen to learn and absorb information. That’s why helping children to keep gaining confidence in their reading, whatever their natural ability, is so fundamental and it is best achieved when the duty is shared by homes and schools.

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  • Five Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Day in School


    As dates for the autumn term diary go, few hold more creative potential than National Poetry Day. This year, the theme for the UK-wide celebration is ‘Choice’ – so we’re encouraging teachers and pupils alike to choose to take part in the action! To help you along, here are Five Top Tips to encourage your pupils' engagement on Thursday 7 October and beyond.

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  • Reading for Pleasure: The Impact of Teachers in Secondary School

    Man reading book

    Reading for pleasure is more than just a hobby. In fact, research across the decades suggests it is likely to be integral in fostering significant life skills for young learners.  

    In our latest post, teacher Laura Meyrick shares findings about reading for pleasure at secondary level, along with some ideas to encourage teachers as role models. 

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