If you like to solve problems, analyse information and enjoy maths and science, a career in science and technology might be for you.

Careers in science (across biology, chemistry and physics) include researching, designing and developing new products and processes. Careers in technology include working in IT, managing and using information and digital media. You might be based in a hospital, laboratory, university, factory or office. There are many large science and technology companies, as well as small, specialist businesses.

Science, technology and IT are varied and interesting. You could travel the world doing scientific research, develop a life-saving drug or create a revolutionary mobile app.

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Skills and qualities needed

  • Attention to detail
  • Methodical
  • Able to report and present findings
  • Patience
  • Good ICT skills

Career areas

Digital media

Working with the internet, building websites and apps, creating online content and using social media.

Information management

Looking after data and records for different organisations, from banks to hospitals.


Developing and maintaining computer systems and programs that support all types of work.

Science and research

Using science and research to solve problems, discover, invent and create in many different areas.

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