Working in sport and leisure with a degree (or similar)

In a gym, you could work as a fitness instructor or pool attendant.

As a coach, you would train people in your sport or outdoor activity, either in schools, as their hobby or in a holiday centre.

You could be a casino croupier, a bingo host or a betting shop assistant.

Example jobs

Senior cinema cashier
Safely handling money taken from the box office and sales, inputting financial data.

Fitness instructor
Leading classes, one-to-one personal training.

Health education instructor
Working one to one and with groups to help people improve their lifestyle.

Poker dealer
Dealing and monitoring play, counting cash, customer service.

Outdoor instructor
Leading groups in activities and teaching outdoor sports.

Gaming operations manager
Supervising operations on the floor of a gaming facility, managing employees, handling customer service, keeping records for regulatory and internal purposes.

Approximate pay levels

Figures supplied as a guide only

Some fitness instructors are self-employed and are often paid by the hour.

Pay levels graph

Typical working conditions

Things you may need to know:

  • Work in clubs, casinos and betting shops will be indoors.
  • Sports, activity and fitness instructors can be indoors or out, depending on the activity.
  • You need appropriate clothing for sports and fitness. You will usually provide your own sports equipment.

Qualifications needed

You will need good customer service experience. Maths GCSE is required for work in betting shops and casinos. You will need at least a Level 2 qualification in sport or fitness for gym work. To become a coach, you should have a coaching qualification in a sport or outdoor activity.

Career path

As a coach, you can move on to coaching at a higher level, gaining further qualifications and improving your skills. You could move into management of a leisure or outdoor centre.

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