Start Your Own Enterprise – Introduction

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Congratulations, you're thinking about starting your own business (or perhaps your family and friends are encouraging you).  We all have dreams, but now we're going to work together to turn your business idea into reality. Inevitably your business vision will not yet be crystal clear yet. You'll have doubts, concerns and perhaps some questions too. But don't worry, that's all quite normal.

My name is Robert Ashton. It was redundancy that pushed me into self employment more than 20 years ago. Now I'm a best selling business author, campaigner and social entrepreneur. I help people with passion create the future they want for themselves and those they care about most.

In this Starting your Own Enterprise course we'll be working together to create the future you want to see. I'll be answering your questions and helping you start your enterprise journey. We're going to make you an entrepreneur! You see, we are all, to some extent, entrepreneurial. It is an attitude rather than a skill. It's what made you challenge the authority of your parents and teachers as a child. That's not to say that if you were very obedient at school you won't succeed in starting a business. What's important is that you start a business you'll be comfortable running.

This course has 8 units, each of which you can read through in under an hour, but you should tackle them at your own pace and complete the optional activities whenever and however you like. >
I'll be guiding you every step of the way, sharing my own experience and giving you other examples. So why not start now by having a look at Unit 1: Defining your Dream?

Finding Support

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