What we do

Training and education solutions delivered by exceptional staff and tailor-made for you and your learners.

We partner with public and private-sector clients in the UK to provide training solutions that produce measurable outcomes for learners, while also helping to drive down training time and costs for businesses and educational institutions.

Using our consultative approach, we build up a detailed picture of the businesses and organisations we work with so that we fully understand their requirements.

This allows us to design effective course content that's tailor-made for each of our clients, which our expert staff can then deliver to learners.

We also manage assessments and the provision of accredited qualifications, as well as measuring all learning outcomes to enable you to track your return on investment.

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Working across sectors

Working on long-term contracts in a range of sectors, we've taken on responsibility for the management of large-scale educational and training establishments.

This involves handling everything from the provision of equipment to the everyday running of the institution and management of high volumes of learners.

We work off-site too, handling outsourced training requirements for a diverse range of clients, whether that's a new project or development of an existing programme.

Having worked extensively with the UK Government and armed forces, we've built up wide-ranging experience in the defence and security sector, though our capabilities are just as well suited to all other industries and organisations.