Vocational training

Leading the way in the field of work-based learning to develop vocational training that gets the job done.

Image by Pearson TQ

At Pearson TQ, we’re experts in designing, delivering and developing vocational training geared towards giving learners the skills to get their job done or get on the career ladder.

As a trusted training partner of the Ministry of Defence, for example, we deliver 17,000 man training days as part of vocational programmes every year.

And it's thanks to our wide-ranging experience that we’ve developed a flexible approach to the way we offer work-based learning at several different institutions.

Whether it’s putting together a completely new curriculum or developing an existing course, we can take on the training requirement for large-scale establishments with high numbers of learners.

That means handling everything from the design and delivery of training to accreditation and assessment either on or off site – and all tailor-made to the needs of each individual institution and set of learners.

Boosting pass rates

Working with both government departments and businesses in the UK, we’ve had the chance to manage several different types of educational establishment, as well as all learning outcomes.

And we get results.

At just one of the centres in which we operate – the Royal School of Military Engineering – we’ve reduced training time by 10%, while at the same time boosting pass rates by more than 10% to 95%.

Pearson TQ is also transforming classroom-based learning into something that's much more engaging for learners, and which saves time and money for their employers.

As part of this we’re using digital innovations and immersive technology to help bring learning to life through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360-degree video.

Image by Pearson TQ

Focus on mental health

Over the last few years, there's been growing awareness among employers of the need to focus on mental health – not just to improve the wellbeing of staff members, but also to benefit the business.

According to a government report from 2014, some 70 million working days are lost each year because of issues such as depression, stress and anxiety, resulting in a loss to employers of around £2.4 billion.

As a result, more and more businesses are starting to build mental health support into their primary working practices. And we helped the Ministry of Defence to do just this by developing a five-day programme covering all aspects of welfare, including counselling skills, stress and mental health first aid.

Why vocational training?

While skills shortages are a problem all over the globe, they’ve become a particular concern in the UK, with leaders of several industries reporting a lack of available talent.

That’s why we’re committed to training our learners to their full potential, so that employers have access to the world-class staff they need to grow their business.

By listening directly to employers and industry experts, we’ve honed our work-based training into programmes capable of meeting the needs of all different kinds of businesses.

It’s an approach we believe should be taken right across the education sector, as it’s only by exploring the requirements of employers that learning will become more engaging and effective.