Public sector

With the public sector under more pressure than ever, it’s crucial that training is effective, engaging and cost-effective.

Image by Mindworks Marketing
Image by Mindworks Marketing

Having built up extensive experience in the public sector, we’re the perfect choice for organisations looking for a trusted training partner to help improve success rates for all kinds of learners.

We’ve worked widely with the Ministry of Defence, for example, managing all elements of the training cycle to offer apprenticeships, vocational training and education for 16+ learners.

From design and delivery to assessment, we can take on responsibility for all your training requirements and help you hit your objectives.

But our capabilities and expertise don’t just stop there – we know how to best use learning tools and techniques to deliver training to the wider public sector too, whether it’s the police, ambulance service or other government departments.

Public sector pain points

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Our training solutions

At Pearson TQ, we specialise in making training more engaging and effective through cutting-edge digital innovations such as virtual and augmented reality.

We give learners the chance to practise specific skills and tasks without having to leave the classroom, while also enabling us to bring course content to life in previously unimaginable ways.

Using our consultative approach, we can assess your training needs before designing a bespoke course or programme tailored to you and your learners to help you fulfil them.

In addition to giving any assessments you may require, we also measure all learner outcomes so that you can make sure you are getting a return on your investment.

By developing the most efficient and cost-effective training solutions for your requirements, we’ll make sure your learners have all the skills they need to move forward, while also reducing training time and spend.