Face-to-face classroom
Online classroom


• Pre-recorded presentations with screen recording software and/or webcam

• Live sessions using video software like Zoom, WebEx, CollaborateVideo, etc.

• Web pages, shared documents, & other media

Learning resources & handouts

• YouTube, Vimeo, Khan Academy, & other third-party links

• Files uploaded and shared via LMS, email, or shared drive

Teacher-to-student communication

• Email or chat

• Instructor announcements 

• Discussion, assignment, and quiz feedback

Student-to-student communication

• Email or chat

• Online discussion boards

• Discussions using chat or video software

Group work

• Offline group projects using collaborative documents

• Online discussion boards

• Group work using chat or video software

Office hours

• Open office hours using chat or video software

• One-on-one student meetings using chat or video software

Assignments & assessments

• Assignment submissions via email or LMS

• Online asynchronous discussions

• LMS or document-based quizzes

• Graded and non-graded online activities

Student presentations

• Live presentation using video software

• Recorded presentation submissions


• Shared calendar applications

• Collaborative sign-up document