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Organize your ideas and research

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Learn grammar rules

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Use up-to-date MLA guidelines

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Improve writing skills

Writing is critical for success, whether in school or in the workplace. Unfortunately, writing guides can be difficult to use, and if you're in a college setting, you might not get the feedback and writing tips you need until you get your grade.

That's where Pearson Writer comes in. It answers your questions when you need them, with instant feedback to help you revise, edit, and improve your writing. Because it provides feedback on what you have actually written, you will learn from your own mistakes and improve your writing process.

Pearson Writer is useful in any discipline, and for any class. The writing tips and strategies you learn will improve your writing process and carry through to your career and the rest of your life.


Minimize writing errors

How often have you been asked to read your writing aloud or asked someone to review it for you? It can be tricky to catch your own mistakes or find others who can review your work on your schedule.

Pearson Writer's proofreading software automatically checks your work for spelling, grammar, and usage errors that go unnoticed. It explains each suggestion so you learn from your mistakes and improve your writing.


Stay on task

Staying organized and focused can be a big challenge. Pearson Writer helps you keep track of your projects and research notes in one place. It will remind you when milestones and due dates are approaching, so you can track tasks, avoid procrastinating, improve study habits, and turn in your projects on time.

Conduct research

When doing research, it can be daunting to distinguish reputable scholarly sources from biased or incorrect information. With Pearson Writer, you have a mobile-ready, easy-to-search online database of reliable academic sources at your fingertips.

You can be confident your sources are relevant and credible. Read the full text of each source (not just the abstract) on any device and easily keep track of your research, take notes, and start building your outline no matter where you are.

Organize your ideas and research

Ever wanted to keep all of your notes, thoughts, and research in one place?

Pearson Writer's new NoteClipper and Notebook let you collect, create, and catalog all of your ideas in one, central location. NoteClipper allows you to save text and media from any online source to your Pearson Writer Notebook.

Your Notebook collects your research so you can group similar ideas together, color code them, and even move them around as you imagine different organizational schemas. Plus, your Notebook lets you drag and drop your notes into a neat outline that you can print out and turn in, if necessary.

Use proper citations

It's important to get your citations just right, but it’s likely you don’t have the rules for every style guide memorized.

In Pearson Writer, you can choose a style guide, then cite your sources and build your bibliography automatically. You can also scan a book's barcode with the Pearson Writer mobile app and the citation will be added to your bibliography instantly.

You can be confident in your bibliography because Pearson Writer will evaluate the credibility of websites, monitor the distribution of source types, and more. It takes care of these details so you can devote your time and energy to thinking critically about the content of your writing.


Learn grammar rules

It can be daunting to navigate the index of a printed grammar guide, and popular search engines return so many results, it's never quite clear what’s most relevant or accurate.

Pearson Writer makes it easy. All search results come from Pearson and Purdue OWL — credible sources you can trust. If you need grammar or writing help, you can search in everyday language, so you can get help even if you don't know the technical term.

Help is available in a variety of formats, including videos and animations, so you can learn the way that’s best for you. The automatic Writing Review analyzes your work and points you to the relevant place in the Writer's Guide so you can learn from your own mistakes.

Use up-to-date MLA guidelines

Pearson Writer puts the newest MLA guidelines right in your pocket. All MLA instruction, examples, writing tips, model documents, quizzes, and videos — as well as content provided by our partners at Purdue OWL — reflect the new MLA Handbook, 8th Edition (and 7th Edition, in case you need it).


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