Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World, 5th Edition

Lester Rowntree, University of California, Berkeley

Martin Lewis, Stanford University

Marie Price, George Washington University

William Wyckoff, Montana State University

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Helping Students Understand the Tension Between Globalization and Local Diversity

This contemporary approach to World Regional Geography introduces the latest ideas, concepts, and theories in geography while also developing a strong foundation in the fundamentals of world regions. It helps professors convey a strong sense of place and an understanding of the connections within and between world regions. Globalization and Diversity focuses on the core materials that students need in a World Regional Geography course.

The Fifth Edition features new content on everyday globalization, and the tools, skills, and applied approach of contemporary geography, along with MasteringGeography with MapMaster™ NextGen interactive maps, new video resources, animations, and author blogs.


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