Henry, The Reader/Writer Series


Henry, The Reader/Writer Series

Show how the writing, reading, and thinking processes are interconnected

D.J. Henry’s two-volume series includes The Effective Reader/Writer for courses in intermediate integrated reading and writing — and The Master Reader/Writer for use in advanced-level integrated reading and writing courses.

With Henry’s balanced approach, instruction for reading and writing are brought together in one textbook. The innovative design of The Effective Reader/Writer and The Master Reader/Writer shows students visually how the writing, reading, and thinking processes are interconnected, reinforcing those processes for students.

Dynamic text is presented with rich and engaging content — such as videos and interactive media — in MySkillsLab (available for both texts). This juxtaposition helps broaden student understanding, foster metacognition, and promote critical thinking. Students will start to take responsibility for their learning and, in turn, prepare for future college courses.

Author D.J. Henry discusses the Reading-Writing Connection.