McWhorter, The Reading & Writing Series, 2nd Edition


McWhorter, The Reading & Writing Series, 2nd Edition

Teaching Writing from Reading

Emphasizing the harmonious nature of the reading and writing processes, this two-volume series from Kathleen McWhorter highlights critical thinking and reinforces its relationship to both processes. In Harmony, Second Edition focuses on reading and writing skills at the sentence to paragraph level, while In Concert, Second Edition moves on to explore reading and writing skills at the paragraph and essay level. Throughout both volumes, reading and writing are presented as a unified process used to understand and express ideas.

Student and professional essays at the start of each chapter are the basis for instruction, illustration, and practice. Professional readings illustrate writing and reading techniques; student essays provide attainable models and are deconstructed to show how to write effective paragraphs and essays. The chapter-opening photos, readings, and examples are thematically connected for continuity and to help students build schema. McWhorter's streamlined presentation and flexible approach work in traditional as well as compressed courses.

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