PODCAST: Episode 3 — Preparing for PTE Academic and why you should forget about IELTS and enjoy life


Welcome to episode 3 of the Art of Learning podcast, brought to you by Pearson Asia.  

We’re joined by Le Thanh Tung, educator and PTE teacher, and Le Minh Hoang, PTE test taker and architectural designer, to discuss their insights and tips to prepare for PTE Academic, their motivation for writing a book about their success story with PTE Academic, and more.  

We discuss what makes Vietnam unique as an education market when it comes to English language learning (2:12), the key message they want learners to take away from their book about PTE Academic (3:34), a deep-dive on PTE Academic’s test format (5:54), the power of technology in the PTE Academic test framework (8:41), Hoang’s success story (9:40), why PTE Academic is an educator’s English test of choice (11:33), the nuances in test-taker profiles (13:19), the growing demand for English language teaching, learning and testing in Vietnam (14:28), words of wisdom for learners studying for the PTE Academic test (15:50), the benefits of listening to music and watching films in English (17:40), and concluding advice for learners who are considering taking the PTE Academic test (18:21).