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Benzene has a melting point of 5.53 °C and a boiling point of 80.09 °C at atmospheric pressure. Its density is0.8787 g>cm3 when liquid and 0.899 g>cm3 when solid; it has Tc = 289.01 °C, Pc = 48.34 atm, Tt = 5.52 °C, and Pt = 0.0473 atm. Starting from a point at 200 K and 66.5 atm, trace the following path on a phase diagram. (1) First, increase T to 585 K while keeping P constant. (2) Next, decrease P to 38.5 atm while keeping T constant. (3) Then, decrease T to 278.66 K while keeping P constant. (4) Finally, decrease P to 0.0025 atm while keeping T constant. What is your starting phase, and what is your final phase?

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