Efficacy Reports

In March 2015 we started by reporting on five products on our Efficacy website. Since then, our Efficacy program has become deeply embedded into the fabric of our company. We are constantly making gains to improve our products and services and remain committed to our own accountability. We are the only education company committed to efficacy with such rigor, and at such scale and depth.

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MyLab IT

MyLab IT provides students with the opportunity to develop digital literacy and Microsoft Office skills through an authentic learning experience grounded in the principles of learning design.


Find out how MyLab IT complete the work and pass introductory IT classes.

View the MyLab IT report


Connections Academy

Connections Academy schools are accredited, tuition-free, online public schools for K-12 students that provide a personalized approach to learning, supported by certified teachers.



Find out how Connections Academies help students increase their academic achievement and realize their post-secondary plans.

View the Connections Academy report

Bug Club

Bug Club

Bug Club is a phonics-based reading program for children aged 4 to 11, used in more than 5,000 primary schools in the United Kingdom. The program offers print books for different reading levels, interactive e-books with accompanying quizzes, professional development support for teachers, and support materials for parents.


Find out how Bug Club makes a significant positive impact on learners’ reading, vocabulary and spelling performance

View the Bug Cub report



aimswebPlus is a new assessment and reporting suite launching in the fall of 2016 that provides instructors the tools to measure Common Core-aligned math and reading skills while tracking students’ progress toward year-end academic goals.


Find out how aimswebPlus will provide instructors with student growth data that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of reading and math interventions.

View the aimswebPlus report



CTI and Pearson Institute of Higher Education (PIHE) are two separately registered higher education institutions, both wholly owned by Pearson, that serve over 9,000 students across 12 shared campuses in South Africa. Both focus on teaching students real-life career skills and training them to succeed as employable graduates in a competitive 21st century economy.

Find out how these institutions developed strategies to ensure that all of its graduates are well prepared for a highly demanding labor market and how they use technology to increase engagement and motivation of its students.

View the CTI and PIHE report

Mastering Chemistry


MasteringChemistry is an online tutorial and problem-solving platform for students to practice and reinforce their understanding of college-level chemistry—a vital tool for any successful STEM major.

Find out how MasteringChemistry uses personalized instruction to improve competency in chemistry and prepare students for success in chemistry courses.

View the MasteringChemistry report


MyLab Math

MyLab Math, an online tutorial and assessment tool for teaching and learning mathematics, is designed to provide an engaging and personalized learning experience for every student.

Find out how MyLab Math is designed to create a positive experience for student users, using more than 30 years of research, to help students study regardless of their previous achievement levels in mathematics.

View the MyLab Math report



REVEL is a digital resource that currently offers students online and mobile access to humanities, social sciences, and other course materials.

Find out how REVEL fosters independent self-initiated learning outside the classroom so that students and educators are more prepared inside the classroom.

View the REVEL report

Wall Street English

Wall Street English

Wall Street English is a private language school for adults who want to improve their English conversational skills.


Find out how Wall Street English allows for more flexibility around time and greater student-centeredness in the classroom.

View the Wall Street English report

GED Testing Service

GED Testing Service

The GED program serves adult learners over the age of 16 who have not received a high school diploma.

Find out how the GED test is more than an assessment that determines high school-equivalency and helps learners progress to post-secondary education within two years of graduating.

View the GED Testing Service report



MyEnglishLab is an online platform that delivers English practice and assessment activities for students learning English as a foreign language.

Find out how MyEnglishLab provides students with automatic feedback and remediation tools to help them succeed and make progress in learning English.

View the MyEnglishLab report

NAME Sistema

NAME Sistema

NAME is a sistema, or learning system, that provides a full suite of educational and academic resources for public schools in Brazil.

Find out how they are helping low-income students achieve more and pass the national exam, Prova Brazil and increasing performance on IDEB, a Basic Education Development Index.

View the NAME Sistema report



MyFoundationsLab is an online program designed to assess and improve a wide range of reading, writing, math, and study skills.

Find out how MyFoundationsLab is helping students improve skills and confidence.

View the MyFoundationsLab report



The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, also known as the WISC, provides practitioners with a reliable and comprehensive tool to measure intelligence in children.

Find out how the WISC-V provides reliable and valid measures of a child’s intelligence that can later be used for identification or placement purposes.

View the WISC-V report