Every workplace will have some business, legal or finance-related jobs.

Business specialists help organisations run smoothly, while the finance department makes sure that money is coming into the organisation and that staff and suppliers are paid. Legal specialists help organisations to operate within the law. All these jobs involve working in teams and communicating with customers. Your entry point to this sector will depend on your qualifications. You can move up the career ladder and gain professional qualifications while working. 

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Skills and qualities needed

  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to analyse and interpret information
  • Ability to explain complex information
  • Good written skills
  • Ability to keep to deadlines.

Career areas


Supporting businesses and customers, solving problems, doing administration, planning and making business decisions.


Working in banks, accountancy, advising people and organisations on their money including mortgages, investments and pensions.


Understanding the law, representing clients in disputes, supporting court cases, appearing in court.


Getting the right supplies to where they need to be on time and storing them correctly.

Marketing, sales and advertising

Making sure a company is providing what customers really want to buy, selling goods or services and promoting them to customers.

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