Marketing, sales and advertising are very popular careers and competition for jobs is high. 

Marketing is about making sure a company is providing what their customers really want to buy. Sales is about selling a company’s goods or services. Advertising is about promoting products or services to customers. Jobs can be pressurised, as you will often need to work to targets or deadlines. Some, but not all, marketing and advertising jobs are very creative. Sales jobs can involve working both alone and in teams.

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Employee case study

Sally Day, Marketing and Communications Manager, University of Arts, London

"Get as much experience as you can working in different industries as marketing isn’t always the same in every company."

Future careers

Digital media and technology developments are giving rise to new types of jobs such as developing social media as part of a marketing campaign.

Things to consider

Things you may need to know:

  • There are more opportunities in advertising in London and large cities than in less-populated areas.
  • Many people working in marketing and advertising are around 30 years of age.
  • Competition for marketing and advertising jobs is fierce.

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