Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective, 7th edition

Published by Pearson (September 9, 2019) © 2020

  • Michael R. Solomon Saint Joseph's University
  • Margaret K. Hogg Lancaster University Management School (LUMS)
  • Soren Askegaard University of Southern Denmark
  • Gary Bamossy McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

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Consumer Behaviour
Published 2019

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Consumer Behaviour
Published 2019


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Revel for Consumer Behaviour
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Get into the contemporary European Consumer mindset with this industry-leading text.

Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective, 7th Edition is the latest version of this market-leading text, providing the most comprehensive introduction to the field, in Europe and around the world.

Well known for its reader-friendly style and contemporary approach, this edition includes an array of new features, offering a broader understanding of the subject.

From theory to practice, this ultimate guide on Consumer Behaviour will equip you with the tools necessary to adopt the contemporary European consumer mindset and excel in the field.

This edition includes a Companion Websiteand a Revel® edition.

Brief Contents

List of case studies


About the authors

Authors' acknowledgements

Publisher's acknowledgements

Part A Consumers and the market-place

  • Chapter 1 Consumer behaviour and consumer society
  • Chapter 2 Shopping, buying and disposing
  • Chapter A Case studies

Part B How consumers see the world and themselves

  • Chapter 3 Perception and meaning
  • Chapter 4 The self
  • Chapter 5 Motivation, lifestyles and value
  • Part B Case Studies

Part C Consumers as decision-makers

  • Chapter 6 - Learning and memory
  • Chapter 7 - Attitudes
  • Chapter 8 - Decision making
  • Chapter C Case Studies

Part D European Consumers and their social groups

  • Chapter 9 - Groups and social media
  • Chapter 10 - European families
  • Chapter 11 - Income and social class
  • Chapter D Case Studies

Part E Culture and European Consumers

  • Chapter 12 - Culture and consumer behaviour
  • Chapter 13 - Cultural change processes
  • Chapter E Case Studies



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