Global Marketing, 8th edition

Published by Pearson Education (February 10, 2020) © 2020

  • Svend Hollensen University of South Denmark

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Global Marketing, Global Edition
Published 2020

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Global Marketing
Published 2020


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Revel for Global Marketing
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Table of Contents

Publisher's acknowledgements
About the author

Part I: The decision whether to internationalize

  1. Global marketing in the firm
  2. Initiation of internationalization
  3. Internationalization theories
  4. Development of the firm's international competitiveness
Part I Case studies

Part II: Deciding which markets to enter

  1. Global marketing research
  2. The political and economic environment
  3. The sociocultural environment
  4. The international market selection process
Part II Case studies

Part III: Market entry strategies

  1. Some approaches to the choice of entry mode
  2. Export modes
  3. Intermediate modes
  4. Hierarchical modes
  5. International sourcing decisions and the role of the subsupplier
Part III Case studies

Part IV: Designing the global marketing programme

  1. Product decisions
  2. Pricing decisions and terms of doing business
  3. Distribution decisions
  4. Communication decisions (promotion strategies)
Part IV Case studies

Part V: Implementing and coordinating the global marketing programme

  1. Cross-cultural sales negotiations
  2. Organization and control of the global marketing programme
Part V Case studies

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