Pearson Practice English App

Access a whole world of English teaching, and learn on-the-go

Our app brings everything you need into one place, enabling students to practice learning English, anytime and anywhere on their device.

Extra Practice activities for students, including audio and video, are downloadable via the app. Once downloaded they can be accessed offline.

Does your course come with resources on our app?

Once downloaded, use your access or QR code and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: You can also search for Pearson Practice English in the App Store or on Google Play. If you have already redeemed the access code using another device, simply tap My Profile in the app and sign in to unlock your resources.

Why use the app?

App users can:

  • Browse the table of contents for available resources
  • Download activities, from a single lesson to an entire unit
  • Scan coursebooks with QR codes to access your course materials, or go directly to a specific activity
  • Browse and play your audio and video assets
  • Locally save activity scores

Which courses use our app?