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  • Versant webinar

    Join us for a webinar to learn more about Versant, automated language tests for recruitment, training and student placement.​

    Versant helps you measure the test taker’s ability to understand English and speak it intelligibly at a native conversational pace on everyday topics, focusing on performance in sentence mastery, vocabulary, fluency and pronunciation in about 20 minutes. ​

    This webinar will highlight the features of the VERSANT test, as well as new features that will be useful for administrators.

    ​​*This webinar will be in Japanese.


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  • Price increase announcement

    Thank you for your ongoing support in providing the best education resources to learners.

    Over the years we have absorbed increasing costs due to global supply chain disruptions and the rising price of raw materials in production due to COVID-19. As a result, we have decided to increase our prices effective from 1st June 2022, which will enable us to provide higher quality content and better service to our customers and learners.

    Please have a look at the new price list as below. Thank you for your kind understanding.

    Check the new price list.

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