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Confidence-boosting live classes to improve fluency, practice conversation and get real-time feedback
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Why choose Language Tutoring for your employees’ language learning needs?​

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Increase motivation​

Support self-learning through classes with our engaging expert tutors​

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Small class sizes ​

Provide ample speaking and participation opportunities, resulting in improved proficiency and confidence

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Live classes, real-time feedback ​

Practice conversation and receive feedback from fluent English speakers

Flexible classes, relevant content​

Extensive topics to choose from and classes to suit all language levels, time zones and busy workloads

Looking to develop your team further?

Explore our complementary Mondly by Pearson solutions designed to support and accelerate language learning company-wide.​

Workplace English

Enhanced business-centric and soft-skill content that teaches employees how to use English confidently and effectively at work.

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General Language Learning

Improve your employees' everyday English language skills from their mother tongue, plus learn 40 other languages.

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Discover our comprehensive suite of flexible, expert-backed language-learning solutions, specially designed for businesses.​

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