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Lost in translation: 90% of employees plead for language training, unveiling a critical gap in workplace skills development*

85% of employees agree that English is and will continue to be the language of choice for international business. However, employees are crying out for your help in developing this crucial workplace skill.

A whopping 9 in 10 want their employer to provide corporate language training, but only a third of businesses offer it. Those that do reap the benefits, including better employee engagement and retention, improved productivity and collaboration, and increased sense of wellbeing within the workforce.

Feels like a no-brainer. Learn more about what employees really want and the rewards employers stand to gain in our global report.

Want to boost employee retention and engagement?

Better English language skills equals better business. Findings from the report confirm investing in top talent can give you a competitive edge.

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Set your employees up for success

Fast-track your employees’ English fluency with the Global Scale of English

The essential tool to boost employees’ skills and confidence using English, Pearson’s Global Scale of English (GSE) results from extensive global research. The simple, standardized scale enables organizations to pinpoint their workforces’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills precisely and accurately.

Use the GSE to:

  • Confidently set benchmarks for specific roles
  • Get unparalleled insights into employees’ language skills
  • Support professional development with personalized learning pathways

Plus, the GSE is the only language learning scale with a framework specifically for developing Professional English language skills. Don’t let language limitations hold your organization back any longer.

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Supporting organizations with engaging, flexible and relevant corporate language training 

Fast-tracking your employees’ skills has never been more enjoyable, relevant or easy to access, with our app-based learning, powered by the GSE.

Mondly by Pearson

Workplace English

Advance your employees’ business English in specific subjects whilst simultaneously enhancing their soft skills.

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Mondly by Pearson

Language Tutoring

Live support and motivation to increase your workforces’ confidence in spoken English.

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Mondly by Pearson

General Language Learning

Bite-size instruction in everyday English available in your employees’ first language.

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"English language training around the world has never been in such high demand. High-quality English training that uses technology to personalize learning should be the standard for every HR department and educational institution."
Isaac Johnson, CEO, EduGuide, Saudi Arabia 

Your organization’s trusted language training partner

Confident and proficient communication is key to achieving excellent customer service and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Find out how we partnered with İstanbul Grand Airport to help their employees improve their workplace English skills, build their confidence and position the world’s biggest airport for continued growth and success.

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At the forefront of language training for businesses

We work with business development, human resources and language training experts and conduct market-leading research to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in language learning and development. And you can too. Follow us on LinkedIn, and check out our blog and our downloadable language resources for everything you need to know about workplace language learning.

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"Leaders today are looking to drive business results in a fast-changing world by taking a skills-first approach and English proficiency is key to moving into a skills-based economy. English competency and capability open doors for people, wherever they are in their career, while enabling businesses to capitalise on opportunities provided by technology, experience and interactions, such as the increasing engagement with generative AI."
Alan Malcolm, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Japan, Udemy

Is your organization ready to unlock the transformative power of language learning?

Get in touch with our experts to discover the best language training for your business and support a stronger, more productive and successful workforce today.

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*Survey of 5,000 speakers of English as a second or additional language from across the globe, conducted by PSB Insights and Pearson, October 2023. For full details, check out the Research Overview in the Global report.