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The government of The Republic of Panama recognized the country's competitive potential in the global economy. To achieve this, it identified the need to invest in its education system to support its young people to learn English as a second language, enabling them to access a wider array of professional opportunities.

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English Benchmark test - Young learners


Panama wanted to develop an education program to support globally-competitive language learning. They also needed to train their teaching workforce to accurately assess and measure progress in their students' language learning. 


Panama created the Panamá Bilingüe Program. It chose to use the Global Scale of English (GSE) since the combination of courseware and digital assessments underpinned by the GSE enabled teachers to track the progress of their students on a regular basis.


In using the Global Scale of English, Panamá Bilingüe has seen English proficiency increase and student outcomes vastly improve. Teachers are equipped with greater insight into their students' knowledge through benchmarking and assessment capabilities.

Building teacher confidence and improving learner engagement

Our video illustrates the impact of the Panamá Bilingüe program on educators in Panama.

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“(Teachers) can see with the Global Scale of English that their students are learning, what needs they have and where they need to improve.”
Eneida López, Director, Panama Bilingüe

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