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How SeoulTech baselines English proficiency remotely during annual intake

Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech) is one of the top-ranked national universities in South Korea. 

An increasingly attractive part of the SeoulTech experience is the availability of English-taught modules and dual degrees, alongside language learning support. 

Company: Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech) Industry: Education Location: South Korea Solution: Versant English Test

English Benchmark test - Young learners


SeoulTech needed a way to accurately evaluate the English ability of their freshmen in order to start benchmarking proficiency levels and trends in their annual intake. They needed flexible, computer-based testing that could be used either onsite or remotely. 


SeoulTech selected the Versant English Placement Test – an AI-scored four-skills assessment with detailed performance reporting, allowing thousands of tests to be completed over the two-week enrolment period. 


Versant helps baseline proficiency and stream students accurately from day one and monitor trends year on year. Score data helps the admissions and faculty teams to set appropriate cut scores for the two classes, and plan and resource the classes more efficiently.


of freshmen had proficiency equivalent to CEFR A2+ or higher


the mean GSE score seen, close to the CEFR B1 threshold



standard deviation from the mean score seen across the new intake

“The technology behind Versant is very powerful. It returns accurate results really fast. And the administration tool is excellent – it makes testing large numbers of candidates very convenient and easy to manage.”

Eunsook Ahn, Assistant Director of Administration, Foreign Language Program
Seoul National University of Science and Technology