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A full curriculum redesign using the Global Scale of English

Study Group is a leading provider of international education. Working with over 50 universities around the world, they offer pathways to university study, English courses as well as executive, medical, and higher education digital courses with partner universities. Study Group's students need a curriculum which supports them specifically for academic study.

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English Benchmark test - Young learners


Study Group wanted to redesign their curriculum to specifically support their learners in preparing for study in an academic environment. They then wanted to provide their students with study materials tailored to achieve this.


Study Group used the Global Scale of English for Academic Learners to map out learning objectives by key skills specific to their students' needs. They then mapped these learning outcomes across the Global Scale of English's 10-90 scale so students could see in detail by skill and subskill area what was required of them.


Using the Global Scale of English as a basis for the curriculum redesign allows students to be more empowered to identify and act on their learning needs. They and their teachers have a clear pathway for skills development using tailored support materials to achieve this.

Redesigning the curriculum to support learning for an academic environment

Vic Stephenson, Head of Curriculum, International Study Centres, Study Group talks about how they redesigned their curriculum using the Global Scale of English.

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“The Global Scale of English enhancement for us because it focused more on the needs of academic learners specifically.”
Vic Stephenson, Head of Curriculum, International Study Centers, Study Group

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