Impact Issues

Impact Issues engages learners with exciting, relevant topics and supports them to express their opinions and develop presentation skills. 

For adult learners American English Print and digital 3 levels GSE: 32-60 CEFR: A2-B2

About the course

Engaging its learners in reflecting and discussing their views on a range of stimulating and relevant topics, Impact Issues forges an exciting pathway in English language learning.

Impact Issues is a 3-level course that supports learners to develop their presentation and discussion skills by engaging with a wide variety of topics. Each of the twenty units contains activities to encourage learners to express their opinions with others and make short presentations. 

The course encourages more effective language learning through active participation and engagement in the topics studied, so that learners can build confidence and take ownership of their learning. 

Learners are encouraged to collaborate by exchanging opinions, challenging their peers’ viewpoints and responding to each other’s presentations.  

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Why choose Impact Issues?

Access to Pearson English Portal for multiple teaching resources
Increases collaboration among learners with pair and group-focused activities
Develops learners’ presentation and discussion skills

Impact Issues is part of our Connected English Learning Program

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