Rise and Shine

Help turn today's young learners into tomorrow's global citizens with Rise and Shine. Made for inclusive classrooms, learners advance their English skills with diverse characters and situations.

For primary learners American English Print and digital 7 levels GSE: 10-42 CEFR: Pre A1-A2+

About the course

Rise and Shine is a primary course that empowers every child to reach their potential and shine

Rise and Shine's unique methodology helps learners understand how far they've come on their learning English journey. Targeted support helps learners grow in confidence and achieve their best, preparing them to become global citizens of tomorrow.

Featuring imaginative stories and activities to encourage cognitive engagement, with a strong focus on building communication skills and confidence. Rise and Shine learners face exciting tasks that help them build a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them while working towards clear learning goals.

Rise and Shine is specially developed to support every pupil to achieve their best. Creating an inclusive environment helps those with learning differences and supports those who don't by making them more aware, tolerant and understanding of each other.

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Why choose Rise and Shine?

Strongly focuses on communication skills and confidence
Supports learners’ English progress with a unique methodology
Encourages autonomy with interactive games, videos and songs

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