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Empowering İstanbul Grand Airport through language learning for enhanced customer service

The remarkable case study of Istanbul Grand Airport illustrates the impact of language learning on workforce development and customer service.

İstanbul Grand Airport embarked on a journey to transform their customer service environment through effective communication and linguistic upskilling. The adoption of Mondly by Pearson (previously known as MondlyWORKS), has proven to be a game-changer, allowing the airport to soar to new heights in employee proficiency and customer experiences.

Watch the video to witness the inspiring journey of İstanbul Grand Airport and its employees. 

Company: Istanbul Grand Airport Industry: Aviation Location: Istanbul, Turkey Solution: Mondly by Pearson

The power of communication in customer service

In the realm of customer service, communication stands as an essential pillar for building lasting relationships with passengers and customers. Recognizing this immense power, İstanbul Grand Airport prioritized the development of their employees' language skills to create positive and memorable interactions with their diverse clientele.

In addition, employees are finding that these enhanced language skills are leading to rewarding job opportunities and supporting their career progression.


İstanbul Grand Airport recognized the need to enhance their employees' language learning skills to elevate workforce capabilities and improve customer service interactions.


Partnering with Pearson and adopting MondlyWORKS, İstanbul Grand Airport implemented an effective language learning solution to upskill their workforce in a targeted and efficient manner.


The successful integration of MondlyWORKS led to noticeable improvements in employee language proficiency and a subsequent positive impact on customer experiences, positioning İstanbul Grand Airport for continued growth and success.

“MondlyWORKS provides great content for learners. It is user friendly and easy to proceed. It is easy to monitor based on the progress of each learner, which is beneficial for the managers.”

Tunç Cavcav
Head of iGA Academy

Embarking on the journey

In 2022, İstanbul Grand Airport collaborated with Pearson to introduce Mondly by Pearson (previously known as MondlyWORKS) into their workforce development initiatives. The primary objective was to enhance the English proficiency level of their employees, leading to a noticeable transformation in a relatively short span of time.

Mondly by Pearson swiftly fulfilled this objective. Employees experienced significant improvement in their language skills, which in turn boosted their confidence. This encouraging progress has prompted an increasing number of employees to enroll in the language learning program.

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Elevating Turkey's aviation landscape
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Runways and a terminal building

90 million

Passenger capacity



“With MondlyWORKS I am becoming more confident when I speak English and my grammatical mistakes are becoming less and this is motivating me to learn more.”

Nazlıcan Filtekin
Sustainability Specialist at iGA

A promising future

As İstanbul Grand Airport and its dedicated staff continue to strengthen their linguistic prowess, we anticipate passengers from around the world witnessing the positive effects of improved communication. Pearson takes pride in facilitating such transformative language learning experiences, empowering organizations to achieve their customer service excellence goals.

İstanbul Grand Airport's collaboration with Pearson and the integration of Mondly by Pearson have ushered in a new era of effective communication, bringing the organization one step closer to its vision of delivering exceptional passenger experiences.

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