The Global Scale of English for educators

Unparalleled insights into your learners’ skills

A genuine global standard in English language learning. The first of its kind.

The Global Scale of English goes beyond other language measurement tools, including the CEFR, to provide unparalleled insights into learners’ skills, keeping them motivated, boosting their confidence and fast-tracking their progress.

Why educators prefer the GSE

The GSE combines five key differences which set it apart from all other language measurement tools and make it a powerful personalized learning path creator.

Focuses on all areas of English

The GSE provides dedicated learning frameworks for pre-primary, young, general adult, professional and academic English learners.

Developed for learners of all ages

The GSE is the only language framework with learning objectives for pre-primary age through to adult learners.

Recognizes real progress

Unlike other scales, the GSE measures skill development precisely so learners and educators can see progress regularly and stay motivated.

Easy-to-use resources

Our detailed learning frameworks and additional free digital resources empower teachers with easy-to-use resources for test prep, lesson planning and beyond.

Detailed guidance for all four skills

Explore learning objectives for reading, writing, listening and speaking at all levels to build language skills with confidence.

How does the GSE work?

The GSE is the central pillar of our Pearson Connected English Learning Program. It is embedded into every course, assessment and certification.


English courses that are relevant, motivating and engaging


English assessments that help learners build a growth mindset


English certifications to prove learners’ language skills and help reach their goals

Underpinned by the Global Scale of English

Connected learning

Pearson English courses, assessments and certifications are aligned to the GSE. No matter what course your learners' study, the assessment they take, or the certification they need, learners and educators can trace the journey on just one simple scale.

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One simple scale backed by expert research

At the core of the GSE is a numerical 10-90 scale. Calibrated to this scale are thousands of learning objectives derived from extensive research with over 6,000 learning experts from more than 50 countries around the world.

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"The Global Scale of English is the most useful tool available for teachers in the market. We encourage every single teacher to use it."
Macarena Sanzano, Coordinator of the English for Work Program, Ministry of Education, GCBA

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Discover everything you need to get started teaching with the GSE, from understanding language skill measurement scales to using the GSE Toolkit for creating more effective lessons. 

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Four steps to fast-track your learners’ progress

1. Understand the right level of challenge

Use our assessments for learners of all ages to understand where your learners’ journey starts and discover the courses that best fit their ability to make optimal progress.

2. Set smart goals

With clear learning objectives for general, professional, and academic English at every point on the GSE scale, you can design the best learning pathway for your learners and work towards their goals with Pearson English’s engaging courses.

3. Experience success

Verify your learners’ skills with one of our certifications or assess their abilities to demonstrate progress. The GSE scale enables learners to show development over a shorter time, supporting overall motivation, optimism, and performance.

4. Build a growth mindset

Track progress and regularly assess skills so learners can see their progress in real-time and build their self-belief. Plus, help learners stay motivated by celebrating every large and small milestone.

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It's time for a game-changing shift in English language learning

Our brand-new research reveals that over half of learners feel that their formal education did not prepare them with a good level of English. Find out what needs to change, plus recommendations to boost learners' English skills and confidence using the GSE in our research report. 

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Get started with the GSE

Unlock the power of the GSE with these free, downloadable resources to help you plan your lessons and fast-track your learners’ progress.

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