Policing (Justice Series), 4th edition

  • John L. Worrall, 
  • Frank Schmalleger

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Hallmark features of this title

A motivating storytelling approach

  • The authors lay a solid historical foundation while staying connected to current events and issues.
  • Chapter-opening vignettes and end-of-chapter case studies address hot topics in policing.
  • Theories and legal issues of policing are introduced throughout. A practical emphasis is maintained with chapters and sections such as “Becoming a Cop” and “A Career in Policing.”

Learning tools

  • Content is organized around key learning objectives for each chapter. At the end of each chapter, an objectives-driven layout ties concepts together.
  • Think About It boxes in each chapter highlight recent events in criminal justice and pose discussion questions.
  • Infographics and flow charts align with the text to promote recall and understanding.

Published by Pearson (August 16th 2023) - Copyright © 2024

ISBN-13: 9780137962570

Subject: Criminal Justice

Category: Policing / Law Enforcement

Table of contents


  1. Origins and Evolution of American Policing
  2. Policing in the American Context
  3. Law Enforcement Agencies and Their Organization


  1. Becoming a Police Officer
  2. Police Subculture
  3. Police Discretion and Behavior


  1. Core Police Functions
  2. Community Policing and Community Involvement
  3. Policing in the Modern Era


  1. Policing and the Law
  2. Civil Liability and Accountability


  1. Deviance, Ethics, and Professionalism
  2. The Use of Force

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