The educator’s playbook 2.0: The role of future skills in the new world of work


With globalisation, automation and advancements in technology, future skills have never been more important.   

We gained exclusive access to Pearson’s Jason Gregory (International Director, UK BTEC & Apprenticeships) to gather his insights on the importance of future skills and the crucial role educators play in preparing learners for future workforce demands. 
So, what’s inside the eBook? 

  • Working together means the world can be a more resilient, capable and inclusive place: the role of all stakeholders working in unison (learners, educators, business leaders and policy makers) 
  • Baking future skills into modern curriculum to enable an ‘always learning’ mindset 
  • The role of educators in developing the future skills of learners 
  • Remaining competitive with up-to-date future skills … plus more! 

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