Efficacy & Research

Our learners aren’t just another stakeholder group for us – they are the very reason why we exist as a company. That’s why, in 2013, we launched the Efficacy program with a commitment that we would report publicly on the impact of our products on those learners. We committed to transparency and that we would open the reports up to a third party audit by 2018.

Bug Club

Phonics is now firmly established as the primary method for teaching children how to read in the UK. Pearson introduced Bug Club in 2011 as a cutting-edge product to promote phonics-based reading instruction.

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“We judge ourselves - and invite others to judge us - not by the products that we make but by the impact on learners.”

John Fallon, 2014

Our Focus Areas

Our efficacy and research teams collaborate deeply with our customers, product developers and improvement teams, sales and marketing teams and others to make sure that our products and services deliver on their intended outcomes.

Higher Education Research

In close partnership with colleges and universities, we aim to make higher education more effective and accessible.

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Schools Education Research

Our vision is to help school-aged students around the world reach their learning potential.

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Professional Learning Research

We equip global business professionals with the information, language and credentials to fulfil their potential at work.

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