International Human Resource Management: Globalization, National Systems and Multinational Companies, 3rd edition

Published by Pearson (October 19, 2016) © 2017

  • Tony Edwards King's College London
  • Chris Rees School of Management, University of London.



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This engaging textbook offers a readable introduction to International Human Resource Management. It explores the international dimensions of managing human resources, with a focus on comparative HRM and multinational organisations. It tackles the issues raised by cross-national differences in HRM styles and explores key themes.

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Chapter 1 - Globalization, National Systems & Multinational Companies

Chapter 2 - National Employment Systems and International HRM

Chapter 3 - The European Union: A Case of Advanced Regional Integration

Chapter 4 - International Structure and Strategy

Chapter 5 - Global Integration

Chapter 6 - The Transfer of HR Practices in MNCs

 Chapter 7 - Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions

 Chapter 8 - Outsourcing and Human Resource Management

Chapter 9 - International Leadership Development

Chapter 10 - Recruitment and Selection of International Managers

Chapter 11 - International pay and compensation

Chapter 12 - International and Comparative Employee Voice

 Chapter 13 - International Corporate Social Responsibility

 Chapter 14 - International Migration and HRM


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