Operations and Process Management, 6th edition

Published by Pearson (April 21, 2021) © 2021

  • Nigel Slack Warwick Business School, Warwick University
  • Alistair Brandon-Jones University of Bath , School of Management



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Help your students master the core subject principles of Business Operations and processes with this market-leading text.

Operations and Process Management, 6th Edition is an innovative text, providing clear and concise coverage of the nature and principles of the subject, approaching it from a managerial perspective.

The new edition includes new case studies drawn from a diverse range of industries and regions, covering new topics such as servitisation and the co-creation of services.

This text is the ideal support for teaching students with some experience in Management, providing the critical and practical tools to embark on a career in the field.

Hallmark features of this title

Clear, organised coverage of the topics introduced.

  • The brief 'Operations Principles' summaries distinguish the essential points of the topic whenever the text describes a core idea.
  • The Summary Checklists provide a comprehensive list of questions at the end of each chapter, covering essential questions on how operations work and improve.

A clear structure based on practical diagnostic logic.

  • Each chapter introduces a case study relating to a real-life or realistic situation that requires analysis and decision. The content is ideal for stimulating group discussions and case sessions in class.
  • Every chapter forms a 'Diagnostic Logic' for the topic via a series of questions that discuss and help diagnose how operations could improve.

A relevant, real-world understanding of concepts.

  • Updated, real-world examples at the beginning of each chapter demonstrate the practical application of the topic presented, with additional relevant examples within the chapter.
  • Updated 'Critical Commentaries' section at the end of each chapter challenge an alternative point of view to the one adopted in the main flow of the text.
  • New Case Studies and boxed examples throughout the text ensure the content remains relevant and engaging to students.
  • Updated 'Applying the Principles' section offers selected problems, short exercises, and activities at the end of each chapter, allowing students to test their understanding of the principles covered.

Revised structure and new content drive student engagement.

  • New and additional content include topics, such as servitisation, the 'emotional mapping' in customer servicing processes, and the distinction between front and back-office processes.
  • Extended coverage of the characteristics positions operations on the product-service spectrum.
  • Updated 'Taking it further' section provides a list of further reading and useful websites, extending the discussion of the topics introduced.
  1. Operations and processes
  2. Operations and strategic impact
  3. Product and service innovation
  4. Operations scope and structure
  5. Process design 1 – Positioning
  6. Process design 2 – Analysis
  7. Supply chain management
  8. Capacity management
  9. Inventory management
  10. Resource planning and control
  11. Lean synchronisation
  12. Improvement
  13. Quality management
  14. Risk and resilience
  15. Project management

Nigel Slack is an Emeritus Professor of Operations Management and Strategy at Warwick Business School, an Honorary Professor at Bath University, and 'Honorary Fellow of the European Operations Management Association'. He is an educator, consultant, and writer with wide experience in many sectors.

Alistair Brandon-Jones is a Full-Chaired Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management and Head of the Information, Decisions, and Operations Division at the University of Bath, School of Management. He is also an Adjunct Professor for Hult International Business School and Danish Technical University.

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