English Land

Providing hours of exposure to English, where students can listen to stories, play classroom games, sing songs, learn social values and discover the world around them.

For primary learners American English Print 5 levels GSE: 10-32 CEFR: <A1-A2

About the course

Through Disney and Pixar characters and fun stories, English Land presents English in ways that children can understand and use in their daily lives

New to this edition is the English Language Booster, a supplementary material that is perfect for increasing children’s CAN-DOs when used in combination with English Land. It’s ideal for learners who want to improve their skills through listening, reading, writing and speaking activities.

This edition features even more Disney and Pixar characters, including from Frozen and Finding Nemo, to help keep learners motivated and engaged. There are also new CLIL pages to help connect the fantasy world of Disney and Pixar with the real world around learners.

Pen-to-paper activities, such as coloring, cutting out and using stickers, give learners more practice with their fine motor skills. 

Why choose English Land?

New English Language Booster supplementary material available
Disney and Pixar characters keep children motivated
Develop learners’ fine motor skills

English Land is part of our Connected English Learning Program

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