My Disney Stars and Friends

My Disney Stars and Friends brings together the magic of Disney and the rigor of Pearson educational content to give pre-primary learners a fun and motivating start to language learning.

For pre-primary learners American English Print and digital 3 levels GSE: 10-18 CEFR: Pre A1

About the course

The perfect combination of delightful Disney characters and stories with real-life values and contexts

This pre-primary English course is built on rigorous pedagogical foundations and helps to develop Future Skills, including self and social awareness, persistence and growth from an early age.

My Disney Stars and Friends is simple, flexible and easy to teach with a comprehensive digital offering for every teaching scenario. There are various options and pathways through the material so teachers can tailor their approach to both their learners’ needs and specific teaching contexts.

Disney characters are instantly recognizable and help establish a known context for new language, making children feel safe and comfortable. Each unit focuses on a different set of characters, giving the course a broad appeal and keeping the content fresh and exciting.

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Why choose My Disney Stars and Friends?

Instantly recognizable Disney characters make pre-primary learners feel safe, comfortable and excited to discover English
Introduces important values through exciting English stories and videos with Disney-character role models
Flexibly designed to suit teachers' specific needs, the course gives various options and pathways through the material

My Disney Stars and Friends is part of our Connected English Learning Program

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