Pearson+ is a cost-effective option that contributes to learner success

Pearson | December 10, 2021 in Meaningful Outcomes

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Pearson+ is a cost-effective option with various eTexts that contribute to learner success

In fall 2021, Pearson partnered with learners from institutions across the United States to learn more about their experience with Pearson+ and eTexts.

Through this work, learners share that Pearson+ is offering a convenient, flexible, and cost-effective option for accessing Pearson eTexts which include a variety of features that support learning.

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A plan to fit your budget

After researching several options for eText rental, Alejandra Kacapyr, junior at Fayetteville State University, found that Pearson+ was the right fit for her. On top of it being the most budget friendly; she appreciated the monthly subscription model.

“(Pearson+) was the best option. I was able to rent monthly, and it was also the lowest price… I love that I can get it as an eText and it just makes it a lot easier. It cuts away shipping, so I don’t have to wait for the book to get here, especially when renting it.”

Tools and features that aid in comprehension

The interactivity of the eTexts increases comprehension for Lauryn Morton, junior at Baylor College. Instead of simply reading, being able to engage with features gives her another way of learning concepts that resonates with her studying style.

“Another feature I have really been enjoying is that a lot of the eTexts will have very interactive features like graphs and diagrams that help break down concepts that can be a little more confusing to understand when it’s written down. Once you put it in a diagram it clicks more, so I have really been enjoying that.”

Facilitating a positive learning experience

The layout of the text encourages Emma Uren, senior at Northern Michigan University, to study as she finds it’s not as intimidating as reading a traditional physical textbook. She explains, “I do think the text is broken down very well. The chapter is broken down into sections and then each section is broken down into topics. I find that very motivating because it’s not at all overwhelming.”

Convenient and easy to use

According to Emma, when comparing the Pearson+ subscription model to others, Pearson+ makes accessing multiple text selections simple. “I have never had a challenge finding my textbook. Sometimes there are issues with other platforms, like Cengage, where it would just store all your textbooks, even those I only searched for, in alphabetical order. Pearson+ is easier because as soon as I log in my textbook is right there, I hit read and am back to where I left off.”

Superior way of supporting learning

Throughout one’s higher ed career, learners are often exposed to a variety of publishers and course materials. One of those options often used are OER resources. Sean Rosenberg, graduate student at West Chester University, sees the benefit of Pearson’s eTexts over OER, especially when it comes to readability.

“(OER) are free for a reason…what I like about Pearson texts is there’s not too much information. They are not super dense, they are pretty easy to read through, and straight forward. Whereas sometimes you get these academic articles, and you can read the three pages seven times and still not know what they’re talking about.”

Highly recommended

100% of learners stated they would recommend Pearson+ to other learners in similar situations, and often wished they knew about it sooner. Reasons range from cost-effectiveness to convenience to user friendliness. Some learners explained how they have already been recommending it because they have been pleased with their experience and want other learners to experience the benefits as well.

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