Pearson Campus Ambassador Program

We're hiring students to work part-time with Pearson on campus and help students do well in their courses. Campus Ambassadors will gain valuable work experience while playing a vital role in helping students succeed with Pearson programs. It's a win-win!

Benefits of becoming a Campus Ambassador

  • Acquire or improve valuable career skills such as problem solving, public speaking, and communication
  • Expand your professional network working side by side with educators, Pearson employees and fellow students
  • Express your passion for education and help your peers succeed
  • Publish your work via social media outlets, internal newsletters, and Pearson products
  • Receive relevant work experience and enhance your professional development

Frequently asked questions

What is the Pearson Campus Ambassador (PCA) program? Is this an internship?

What are some of the projects and events PCAs work on?

How much time is involved?

How are PCAs trained?

How long does each PCA work with Pearson?