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Kendra Douglas, Ph.D.

Associate Academic Coordinator, Spanish

Kendra leads Smarthinking's Spanish Team. In addition to tutoring, Kendra manages E-structor® Certification for Spanish tutors. Kendra received her PhD at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in Spanish Linguistics and, currently, is an Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics at Western Washington University. She brings over twelve years of teaching experience to the Smarthinking team, having taught beginning through advanced Spanish and Portuguese at the college level. Her main research interests include contact linguistics, sociolinguistics, and second-language acquisition. Kendra is investigating language contact on the Uruguayan-Brazilian border and has presented her theoretical models and findings at national and regional conferences.  

Katie Sykes

Tutor, Spanish

A dedicated Spanish teacher for over thirteen years, Katie has been pleased and excited to bring her classroom teaching experience to Smarthinking’s virtual world of e-tutoring. Since her first day in October 2011, Katie has enjoyed working with students of all Spanish levels from all over the world, from one-on-one tutoring sessions to asynchronous essay editing. She appreciates the variety the students bring as well as the opportunity to use her education in such an innovative platform. Katie received a double B.A. in Spanish and English from Stetson University and her M.A.Ed. in Adult Education from East Carolina University. She also spent a year abroad living in Madrid, Spain and attending La Complutense, a Spanish university. When not in the physical or virtual classroom, Katie enjoys subversive cross-stitching, hiking with her dog in the mountains of North Carolina, and desperately trying to teach her husband and daughter just a little bit of Spanish!