Students, is Pearson Writer for you?

Let’s face it: writing centers aren’t open 24/7 and your instructors aren’t always available.

What do you do in the meantime if you’re having trouble with your writing project?

Pearson Writer helps you at every stage of the writing process. It scans your draft to detect spelling, grammar, or style errors in your work. It even guides you through the revision and editing process, helping you with proper citations and unparalleled research support.

Better yet, it’s available anytime you need it and you can use it on any device. It even has an add-in for Microsoft® Word. No matter your level, Pearson Writer can help to improve your writing skills so you can earn better grades.


High school students

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College students

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ESL       students

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High School Students

Pearson Writer will help you plan, think, and prepare to write at the college level

Whether it's for a class assignment or your college essay, Pearson Writer gives academic writing help so that you can write at your very best.

You’ll learn the finer points of grammar usage and style. It will also guide you through the research process, including finding sources and citing them correctly. The skills you develop will last beyond high school and prepare you for what comes next.

College Students

College can be hard. Writing shouldn’t be.

Pearson Writer helps you manage your writing and research, saving you time and you develop new skills. It streamlines the labor-intensive and time-consuming aspects of your writing projects so you can build upon your ideas instead of just building word counts.

With Pearson Writer, you can quickly cite sources to build your bibliography, get instant feedback to help you revise your work, and get immediate answers to your questions whenever you need help—all while focusing on crafting an intelligent and persuasive argument.

And when you finish college and move to the next chapter in your life, Pearson Writer will be there with tips for crafting good resumes, cover letters, portfolios, and more.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Students

Like having your very own English tutor

Writing can be difficult, and it’s even more challenging when it’s not your native language.

English grammar is full of confusing rules. Not only does Pearson Writer detect spelling, grammar, and syntax errors, it teaches you correct usage so you can avoid making the same mistakes twice. You can search the Writer’s Guide and learn from examples, videos, and other useful instruction that can help you improve your English writing.